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Innovating in Healthcare Delivery

Bupa has been innovating healthcare delivery through cutting-edge technologies and digital applications, improving the quality of healthcare by making it more accessible, cost effective and convenient, as well as empowering customers to take ownership of their health.

Personalised Healthcare Experience

Our integrated medical centre will provide a unique experience for customers through a personalised healthcare service from consultation, treatment and post-treatment follow-up to recovery.

Concierge and hospitality-trained, Bupa’s Service Ambassadors can ensure each patient is supported during their whole patient journey.

Digital Enabled Service Makes Healthcare Easier

Bupa integrated medical centre will enable convenient digital experience for both customers and centre administrators. Bupa’s dedicated mobile APP and website will empower customers to arrange their appointments, manage their family medical information on a real time basis, make payments and receive personalised health content on their mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

Download Bupa APP. You can manage your family’s healthcare easily


One-stop Healthcare Services

Bupa has tailored its medical services to best suit people’s needs. Based on different health circumstances of working professionals across all ages and genders, we provide a comprehensive range of services from routine health check-ups to sophisticated treatments.

Patient-centric General Practice

Our general practitioners can take care of your overall health, addressing concerns from common colds and headaches to more urgent cases. It saves your time of searching for care.Our general practitioners will get a comprehensive understanding of your health needs before providing treatment advice, and will refer you to appropriate specialists when needed to ensure you receive the best care.

Comprehensive Specialist Services

Our medical centre will provide you with a comprehensive range of specialist services as follows:

Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions

Our comprehensive healthcare solutions enable employees at leading local and international companies to better manage their work and daily routine:Corporate Health Consultation, Health Seminars, First Aid Training.

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