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Bupa Wins Three "Bloomberg" Awards Yet Again Devoted to Becoming Customers Trusted Medical Partners

31 May 2019 Source: Bupa
Beijing, May 31, 2019 - Bupa, an international medical insurance group, recently won three "Excellence Performance" awards: the "Health & Protection" award, the "High Net Worth Insurance Service" award, and the "Claims Management" award in the category of "General Insurance" at the "2019 Financial Institution Awards" organized by "Bloomberg Businessweek/Chinese Edition". The fifth annual "Bloomberg Businessweek/Chinese Edition" and "Financial Institution Awards" aim to recognize the institutions that have made innovative and diverse contributions to Hong Kong. The awards are jointly reviewed by economists, academics, financial analysts, legislators, and the Chinese Editorial Committee of "Bloomberg Businessweek", which is highly respected in the industry. "Mr. Jonathan Quach, General Manager of Bupa Global Asia Pacific, said: "Bupa was named the best medical insurance company of the year for two consecutive years, and we are honored to be recognized as the leader in this field by "Bloomberg Businessweek". These awards highlight our power in claims management and high net worth insurance services. Since our cooperation with Alltrust Insurance in 2012, we have entered the Chinese market, where aim to provide high-end medical insurance services to customers in Mainland China and have a complete understanding of their unique medical insurance and healthcare service needs. For example, we cooperated with Alltrust Insurance and launched insurance projects without annual overall limits or lifetime limits, to make high net worth customers enjoy the most comprehensive insurance, the best medical facilities, and the freedom to choose the most suitable treatment method that is unique in the market." As the leading healthcare provider in UK, Bupa has always placed customers at the core of their services, and devoted itself to providing customers with the best medical services at home and abroad. For this reason, Bupa expanded its business in the global healthcare field so that customers can visit Bupa Cormwell Hospital in the United Kingdom, and even the largest medical network in the United States. In order to promote the development of Chinese domestic medical services, Bupa opened its first integrated medical center in Guangzhou in 2017, which has not only made its own history in improving people's daily lives and developed the local medical system, but also highlighted Bupa's promise to the region. "With a strong medical background and first-class service, Bupa Global can provide customers with the healthcare confidence and assurance they need, and support them every step of the way. We are very proud to be recognized by "Bloomberg Businessweek", which has given us the motivation to continue to invest in people and in services in the Asia Pacific region, especially in China, the fastest growing and most unique market with the most potential. Our goal is to become a customer favorite medical partner in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and the entire Asia Pacific region." Mr. Jonathan Quach added.

Bupa-International Medical Insurance Experts

Bupa began in the United Kingdom in 1947. As the largest medical insurance group* in the UK, Bupa provides medical insurance around the world, and operates clinics, hospitals, dental centers, and nursing homes, among others. We have no shareholders, so we invest any surplus back into the business in order to provide better medical services to our customers. Bupa Global is the international health insurance arm of Bupa, serving more than 2 million customers in different countries and regions. Bupa Global is designed for globally minded customers who seek the highest level of coverage. We hope that we can provide the best quality medical insurance they need at anytime, anywhere, whether the customer is at home, or studying abroad, traveling, or working overseas.

Entering China, Leading the Development of International Healthcare

Bupa has had a Representative Office in Beijing since 2006, serving primarily to understand the market, build relationships, and explore opportunities for building our domestic presence in China. In 2011, we also set up Bupa Consulting (Beijing), providing services including administrative and customer support for global health plans underwritten by Alltrust Insurance. Alltrust Insurance Company is the insurer of the Global Health Plan.. This combined strength, scale, and expertise means customers can be confident in knowing that they have access to quality healthcare when and where they need it. In 2017, Bupa launched the first integrated medical center in Guangzhou, expanding Bupa's footprint to China's domestic healthcare provision sector.
*Sources: Laing Buisson Health Cover UK Market Report 13th Edition. Publication date: January16, 2017. Calculated by the market share of private medical insurance institutions.

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