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The Best Health Insurance Company in Hong Kong certified by British authoritative magazine - Bupa: care for the customer, every step of the way.

27 Dec 2019 Source: Wechat "BupaGlobalChina"
Bupa has always been committed to "help people live longer, healthier, and happier lives". Earlier this year, authoritative British magazine Global Banking and Finance Magazine selected Bupa as the "Best Health Insurance Company Hong Kong 2019". How was the company recognized by customers and industry? Mr. Neil Kirby, Marketing and Sales Director of Bupa Global, gave us the answer: they keep their promises.

Core Unique Goals

Bupa hopes that customers can enjoy happier and healthier lives with Bupa's coverage. Firstly Bupa has clear goals; Secondly, all of Bupa's business is related to health protection, which means the origin and position of Bupa is medical insurance is based on health and people-oriented concepts, rather than multi-line insurance practitioners. Bupa's global business covers hospitals, dentistry, clinics, elderly care, and more, all of which are related to medical health and they always put customers first.

Multiple Plans Fit for Inquiries

Medical protection is very important for all of us. Customers should understand what kind of medical coverage they need as an individual or for their families. The health plan chosen by customers must be suitable and satisfying. In Hong Kong, Bupa offers about 20 different health plans, varying from individual to family, or local to international. Bupa has always been devoted to help customers achieve a better condition in different stages of life. As such, with Bupa's health plans, in addition to medical coverage, benefits like prevention and healthcare, vaccinations, annual medical examinations, and dental care are also covered, which can assure customers of living their best life.

Virtual Care Service

Moreover, in addition to insurance plans, Bupa also offers access to virtual care service. Bupa first launched its exclusive APP, which leads the insurance industry. On the APP, customers can make an appointment for exclusive medical services anywhere, and check the address of the nearest participating hospital, at any time. If they are unable to visit the participating hospital, the customer can directly communicate with doctors on the APP, including uploading photos, video calls, and other methods, in order to better obtain professional doctor advice. Besides, customers can also choose their preferred language to get more comfortable and caring service. Being digitally enabled is also very important to ensure that customers can enjoy 24-hour medical services with a preferred language, no matter where they are. Customers types and their language requirements are very important. With regards to medical issues, we prefer to use our mother language. With a competitive virtual network, Bupa ensures that clinicians can use their local language.

Still Inspired by Customers First

Bupa is always inspired by customers and focuses on people. Therefore, Bupa's care and understanding can earn them favorable opinions from customers in many business settings. Regarding the operation, Bupa not only researches the market, they also cooperate with agents to understand customers' daily feedback and meet their requirements.

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