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An Optimized Product Series to Meet Domestic Customers' Needs – New Global Health Plan launched by Alltrust Insurance and Bupa Global

16 Oct 2018 Source: Bupa
[16 October 2018, Beijing] – Today, Bupa Global, the international health insurance arm of Bupa, the UK's largest health insurer*, joined Alltrust Insurance Company, one of the leading insurance companies in the country, to launch new global health plans on the Chinese market. Integrating over 70 years of Bupa Global's global experiences and Alltrust Insurance's deep understanding of the local Chinese market, the new Global Health Plans can meet the unique all-round needs of domestic customers, based on different levels coverage and prices.

Clearly Distinguished Coverage

When the Global Health Plans first launched in 2015, more than 3,000 people of different nationalities and backgrounds participated in product research, prompting Bupa to recognize its need for globally minded customers. This year, Bupa's research into Mainland China's domestic medical coverage market found that Chinese consumers have a stronger awareness of their health, and more than 63% of customers consider their health to be the most important thing in their lives. Therefore, in addition to traditional medical coverage, they paid more attention to health covered benefits, a healthy diet, and daily exercise. In order to meet the needs of Chinese customers, Bupa not only enhances the health benefits of Global Health Plans, but also provides different levels of insurance products. With clearly distinguished coverage and multi-dimensional protection and prices, their products can easily meet the unique needs of individuals, young couples, and families, regardless of whether they are at home or overseas. Bupa's research also revealed that the three most important factors that Chinese high-end customers value for medical coverage services are: Firstly, direct access to international medical facilities anywhere; Secondly, secondary medical opinion can be provided in Chinese; Thirdly, insurance service providers have a high international reputation. Compared with other regions (like Hong Kong), Chinese high-end customers pay more attention to the brand, and focus on the following three aspects: 1. Trustworthiness; 2. Solid financial support; 3. Medical insurance experts. Jonathan Quach, General Manager of Bupa Global Asia Pacific, said: "In the global era, we are very proud to cooperate with Alltrust Insurance to provide this series of international private medical insurance products to Chinese customers, so that they can enjoy the highest quality medical service anytime and anywhere. This all depends on our close partnership with and deep awareness of the domestic and foreign markets. He believes in the potential of the Chinese market, and confidently promised: "To meet the growing health and well-being needs of Chinese people, Bupa Global and Alltrust Insurance will continue to improve product quality and insist on providing thoughtful medical coverage services to a wider range of customers." In order to improve the overall health of consumers, Global Health Plans provide four special benefits as follows: 1. A worldwide network, as well as an impressive network in China, so that customers with the U.S. coverage can have access to over one million healthcare facilities; 2. Dedicated healthcare assistant services to provide customers with professional medical support, whether they are healthy or not; 3. Solid financial coverage, not only to assure customers' health, but also ease the worries of unexpected extra expenses; 4. Coverage of pre-existing conditions, where after underwritten, a variety of pre-existing conditions could be covered.

Bupa Group - International Medical Insurance Experts

Bupa was established in the United Kingdom in 1947. As the largest medical insurance group* in the UK, Bupa provides medical insurance around the world, and operates clinics, hospitals, dental centers, and nursing homes, among others. We have no shareholders, so we invest any surplus back into the business in order to provide better medical services to our customers. Bupa Global is Bupa's international medical insurance service provider, serving more than 2 million customers in different countries and regions. Bupa Global is designed for globally-thinking customers who seek the highest level of coverage. We hope that we can provide the best quality medical insurance they need at anytime, anywhere, whether the customer is at home or studying abroad, traveling, or working overseas.

Entering China, Leading the Development of International Healthcare

In 2006, Bupa set up a representative office in Beijing, serving primarily to understand the market, build relationships, and explore opportunities regarding our domestic presence in China. In 2011, we also set up Bupa Consulting (Beijing), providing services including administrative and customer support for global health plans underwritten by Alltrust Insurance. Alltrust insurance plans are underwritten by Alltrust Insurance Company and administrated by Bupa Global. This combined strength, scale, and expertise means that customers can be confident in their access to quality healthcare when and where they need it; In 2017, Bupa set up the first wholly-owned comprehensive clinic in Guangzhou, marking Bupa's formal entry into the mainland China healthcare service market.
*Sources: Laing Buisson Health Cover UK Market Report 13th Edition. Publication date: January 16th, 2017. Calculated by the market share of private medical insurance institutions.

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